NEWSSAP Business Analytics Workshop
SAP Business Analytics Workshop
On December 1, Yuri Bondar, SAP CIS Deputy Managing Director and Head of Sales Analytics, conducted a workshop on Business Analytics at Russian-Armenian University.  
He is responsible for sales and increase of SAP's brand recognition in the competitive market of business analytics, he also supervises planning and audit systems, as well as forming value proposition from business intelligence systems, taking into account industry specifics and focusing on working with new clients.
During the workshop, Mr. Bondar told RAU students about information culture, document flow, web-based information search, electronic information resources, business intelligence systems and other matters. He also introduced specific Business Analytics solutions based on SAP Lumira.
He mentioned that analytics departments used to be part of the administration in companies, but the situation has changed due to the emerged technologies that allow anyone to collect and analyze data for any purpose. The need for these solutions is growing worldwide, but there are very few companies that can execute them with quality and innovative approach.  
Russian-Armenian University joined the SAP University Alliances program on September 1, 2017, becoming the first university in Armenia to enter the program. The SAP University Alliances aims to introduce students and teachers to SAP software and technologies for digital transformation of the economy and business, including solutions for the Internet of things, big data, blocking, analytics, robotics, machine learning, virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The goal of the program is to develop technical and managerial skills by introducing SAP solutions to the education process of the participating universities and colleges. Today the program involves more than 3300 educational institutions from 106 countries.